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The supply chain industry, known for its resilience, is bracing for another wave of disruptions. The freight forwarding industry, with its robust strategies, is navigating through turbulent waters as it faces significant challenges brought on by the congestion building up at Singapore port and the disruptive impact of powerful cyclone Remal flooding and affecting ports in India and Bangladesh.

Vessel Congestion in Singapore

Singapore is known to be one of the busiest ports. It is now facing colossal congestion, which may lead to another wave of supply chain disruptions. The Singapore port caters to about 600 vessels every month, which now has over 1000 vessels, and it is becoming difficult for the ports to handle this congestion and vessels being in anchorage for a week.

This congestion has also affected many export countries. However, we at PAM Cargo are taking proactive measures to mitigate the impact. With the vessels delayed and in anchorage for an extended period, they are now facing shortages of containers on board vessels that are stuck due to the delays. Due to these challenges, sea freight rates have almost doubled quickly.

Cyclone Remal

PAM Cargo is hurt by the news of cyclone Remal reportedly taking the lives of more than 30 people, destroying thousands of homes, and leaving people in challenging situations even for basic necessities. These are tough times for the people in the Indian Sub-continent.

This cyclone has affected some of the ports, flooding them completely and stopping their operations.

PAM Cargo would like to extend condolences to the ones who have lost their loved ones, and we wish the situation come back to normal for all these people who are deeply affected.

To our customers, we at PAM Cargo understand the importance of timely operations and are committed to providing updates as the situation evolves. For any inquiries or assistance please contact us at sales@pamcargo.com or reach out to your regular contact person at PAM Cargo.

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PAM Cargo SEA-AIR Experts